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  • August Mega Bloom Count 28,747 Blooms Hand Pollinated

    August 1 to 15 Mega Bloom Total 28,747.
  • Fruit For Sale at Wallace Ranch Dragon Den

  • Survivor!

    Found this broken off branch fighting for life today.  The aerial roots are healthy, new, and plentiful.  This plant is a survivor!  Amazing.
  • Wallace Ranch Production Plants in Florida

    Amazed and so proud to see  these very young 1 year old plants grown from Wallace Ranch cuttings .  In just 1 year these went from cuttings to prod...
  • Dragon Fruit Tours of Wallace Ranch Available for 2022

    Dragon Fruit Farm Tour Dates Available for 2022 

    Tour booking at:  https://www.airbnb.com/experiences/2788542

  • AX Dragon Fruit

    AX Dragon Fruit from bud to bloom! This is a purple flower, green skin, magenta flesh fruit.
  • Aborting Buds, Actually Bugs

    Leaf Footed Bugs kill young buds.
  • What's Budding 2022

    American Beauty was the first mass bud to arrive on the bud scene March 17, 2022.  We are seeing weekly waves of buds and estimate over 10,000 buds of  American Beauty and growing.  Two weeks later we saw buds from Dark Star, a few more from  Robles Red, and then Physical Graffiti, Sugar Dragon, and Ax.  We anticipate large buds from those varities to break over the next 10 days.  First official American Beauty blooms pollinated April 27 and we anticipate almost 60 days to pick fruit due to cold spring nights.
  • Aborting Buds

    Aborting buds, sometimes if there are many buds in a branch, the plant will do it for you.  
  • American Beauty Dragon Fruit quadruplet

    It's a quadruplet American beauty buds at Wallace Ranch Dragon Fruit! We'll leave all these buds in the branch for now. Will it abort or will they all set fruit?
  • First bud of the 2022 at Wallace Ranch Dragon Fruit Farm

    First bud of the season spotted yesterday March 7, 2022 by Julio Robles...usually a neck to neck race between Robles and American Beauty for first ...
  • Pruning Dragon Fruit

    Pruning dragon fruit and getting ready for the next season.