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August Mega Bloom Count 28,747 Blooms Hand Pollinated

August 1-15 Produced a Mega Bloom at Wallace Ranch of 28,747 Blooms.  Over 22,000 blooms opened in just 6 days.  The logistics to pollinate the 22,000 blooms included "Friends of other Dragon Dens" coming to help collect pollen and hand pollinate.  Each day 1-2 people were dedicated just to collect pollen and bag blooms for the next day pollen collection.  We had 7 pollinators who started at 3:30 AM and finished by 9 AM.    10s of 1000s of bees also came to the party which helped reinforce our hand pollination but also caused a fight for pollen between man and bee.  We set this bloom 99.9999%- an amazing accomplishment.  So now 28,744 fruits are now growing!  Estimated Pick is 10,000 pounds 9/9/2022-9/25- and that's an entirely different insanity...

Thank you to all our friends, customers, and fellow Dragon Dens for your help and support.