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Dragon Fruit Farming

  • Pruning Dragon Fruit

    Pruning dragon fruit and getting ready for the next season.
  • Robles Red Dragon Fruit

    Created by Julio Robles, Robles Red is a hybrid of American Beauty flower pollinated with Orejona pollen.
  • Dragon Fruit Farming USA

    Dragon Fruit Farming USA
  • Wierd dragon fruit

    First of the season. Half fruit and branch.
  • Dragon Fruit Split

    Temperature swings specially cold nights with rains split the dragon fruit. Oddly enough, the fruits pointing up had the splits but the fruits side...
  • Ultra Rare Dragon Fruit?

    Sometime we get some weird ones, maybe a bird or an insect did this... or is it an ultra rare double stigma dragon fruit?  
  • Pitahaya time at Wallace Ranch

    Pitahaya time at Wallace Ranch! So many that we ran out of pick crates!! We also are just finishing up hand pollinating a 15,000+ bloom that co...
  • Second Wave of dragon fruit bloom in action

    Second Wave of dragon fruit bloom in action
  • Tricia Dragon Fruit

    Tricia Dragon Fruit ripening nicely!
  • Dragon Fruits forming on the trunk

    Most dragon fruit "fruit" form on the hanging branches. It's not common but fruits can also form along the trunk of the plant.
  • First dragon fruit harvest of the year.

    Picked first box of dragon fruits this week. American beauty was first to flower but Robles Red was quick to catch up.  
  • American Beauty Dragon Fruit Picture 1 week apart

    Photo taken 1 week apart, dragon fruits developing nicely. Getting three in a row 🙂 and bees doing pollination.