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Sugar Dragon - Dragon Fruit Pitaya Pitahaya

Sugar Dragon 8-S

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Self Fertile (Will set fruit using it's own pollen)

Skin Color


Flesh Color

Dark Magenta

Growth Rate


Weather Tolerance


Fruit Production



Also a creation by Paul Thompson, Sugar Dragon was the name given by Linda Nickerson because Sugar Dragon is more marketable than 8-S. It is a cross between Rixford and Houghton. While smaller than most DF, it packs a punch of sweet berry flavor with mild earthiness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jason Rodriguez
Great Cuttings!

Ordered a Sugar dragon and Physical graffiti. Cuttings were huge, and very healthy looking. Also came a lot quicker than I was expecting. Already planning to purchase from here again! Thank you!

Josiah Moeller

I got Sugar Dragon and American Beauty cuttings and they were the thickest cuttings I’ve ever received. Very satisfied with this purchase and will definitely come back for future plant purchases.

Tze Meng Lee
Healthy and thick

I got my Sugar Dragon(2) arrived in good share. Cuttings are very thick and good length, one came a bit yellow on the inside but think that is par for the course. I just rooted them in water about 4 weeks for me on a heating pad in winter and they seem to take well. I'd get these again for the size and length, and plan too when they have stock again.
(*request for the future to mark root side.)

Ivan Olenick
Sugar Dragon 8-S

I received the Sugar Dragon cutting that I ordered and was amazed when I removed it from the box. It was every bit of the advertised length and extremely heavy. This is my 3rd order from Wallace Ranch. I have nothing but praise for the crew. I found their YouTube video to be very informative as well.

lue yang
Great product

The product was in good shape and fast delivery.