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Sugar Dragon - Dragon Fruit Pitaya Pitahaya

Sugar Dragon 8-S

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Self Fertile (Will set fruit using it's own pollen)

Skin Color


Flesh Color

Dark Magenta

Growth Rate


Weather Tolerance


Fruit Production



Also a creation by Paul Thompson, Sugar Dragon was the name given by Linda Nickerson because Sugar Dragon is more marketable than 8-S. It is a cross between Rixford and Houghton. While smaller than most DF, it packs a punch of sweet berry flavor with mild earthiness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Brett Greenwald
Huge Heavy Cuttings!

Awesome cuttings of Sugar Dragon. Very thick and heavy and even had a fruit attached! I have many great cuttings from Wallace Ranch that are growing like crazy!

Rick Hatfield
Awesome mature sugar dragon!

I ordered from Wallace ranch 2 weeks ago the biggest cutting you can get. Very healthy plump cutting even had a branch bud growing when we got it! That branch since then has gotten much bigger and is producing another new growth just today! Highly recommend Wallace ranch very nice service and an awesome cut!

Valerie Costa
Beautiful cutting

The cutting were in amazing shape on arrival. Quick service and shipping.

Enrique Martinez

Healthy, mature, and clean cut.

Marlene Marien
Sugar Dragon cuttings

I received two very expensive sugar dragon cuttings because the largest size was the only size available at the time. Well, they didn’t disappoint! I needed two hands to hold one cutting, (I ordered two). They arrived very well packaged and protected. They were both in such good healthy condition that they both have 2-3 buds growing from them after only 7 days in the soil. Without roots yet I doubt they will be able to flower and bear fruit yet from the buds that are getting bigger every day. They are superb healthy large cuttings and I’m so glad I bought two! Thank you for such great quality!!