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Sugar Dragon - Dragon Fruit Pitaya Pitahaya

Sugar Dragon 8-S

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Self Fertile (Will set fruit using it's own pollen)

Skin Color


Flesh Color

Dark Magenta

Growth Rate


Weather Tolerance


Fruit Production



Also a creation by Paul Thompson, Sugar Dragon was the name given by Linda Nickerson because Sugar Dragon is more marketable than 8-S. It is a cross between Rixford and Houghton. While smaller than most DF, it packs a punch of sweet berry flavor with mild earthiness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ivan Olenick
Sugar Dragon 8-S

I received the Sugar Dragon cutting that I ordered and was amazed when I removed it from the box. It was every bit of the advertised length and extremely heavy. This is my 3rd order from Wallace Ranch. I have nothing but praise for the crew. I found their YouTube video to be very informative as well.

lue yang
Great product

The product was in good shape and fast delivery.

Dixie Young
Sugar Dragon Review

I received a sturdy cutting. The cutting has some small damage but I know from experience that will not matter. The post office box was scrunched up but all was safe inside.

Jenn B

The fruit of sugar dragon is not very big compared to the typical size of other DF, I wasn't expecting the cutting to be so massive! The flesh of the cutting i received is very plump, dark, and healthy. I hope it takes root soon, I can't wait to have this in the garden.