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Yellow Colombiana Dragon Fruit
Yellow Colombiana Dragon Fruit Pitaya Pitahaya
Yellow Colombiana Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Colombiana Dragon Fruit

Yellow Colombiana

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Self Fertile (Will set fruit using it's own pollen)

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Yellow Colombiana is from the species Megalanthus. This variety is very sweet and juicy, the fruit has thorns and is easily brushed off when ripe. Yellow skin.  White flesh.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Products look great.

ordered 4 dragon fruit cuttings. All look healthy and are marked with what they are. Order was also received quickly.

Jeffrey Hendricks
Yellow Columbiana

Wallace Ranch,
You have been amazing at supplying GREAT dragon fruit cuttings for the last couple times I've ordered . My only issue is that my most recent Ecuador Palora dragon fruit cutting was labeled wrong. The word "soil" was sharpied in at the wrong end of the cutting. I really hope it isn't too late to try to grow the cutting from the correct end, but it's not looking good. My other cuttings are doing great and the plants I've started have grown well. It is very obvious to me now that the Ecuador Palora cutting was labeled upside down. All the nodes/ spines point straight down (toward the soil arrow writing.) I can send pictures of the cutting if that helps.

Evelyn Aguinaldo-Castelo
Healthy cuttings

All the cuttings I received looked healthy; one Robles red cutting looks more yellow than the other but it is also blemish free. The cuttings were also very well protected with the way these were wrapped. Extremely satisfied!

Dixie Young
Yellow Colombiana cutting

The cutting I received is thin, about 1 inch wide but I am not familiar with this variety (so I don’t know if that is the norm). It seems a good cutting as it is trying to produce a flower/fruit.

James Clemens
Great Cutting

The colombiana was a great cutting will order more from Wallace Ranch.