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Dragon Fruit Farming

  • Dragon Fruit cuttings for Sale

    Lots of dragon fruit cuttings for sale wallaceranchdragonfruit.com, still have fruits from last season but they take a long time to ripe.
  • New Growths on used Dragon Fruit Nodes

    Got some new shoots coming out of used Dragon Fruit nodes. I guess they will grow where they want to grow.
  • Dragon Fruits in December

    Getting cold in Wallace Ranch Dragon Fruit Farm in California, fruits are taking longer to ripen.
  • Getting The Dragon Fruit Ready For The Winter Sleep

    Dragon Fruit maintenance, pruning off damaged and dried branches to get more air circulation and sunlight.
  • Dragon Fruit delivery at the post office

    Thank you for the orders! Visiting the Post Office to drop the dragon fruit cuttings.
  • December Harvest

    Tricia Dragon Fruit at Wallace Ranch Dragon Fruit Farm.
  • We are open!

    We are open! Selling dragon fruit cuttings at wallaceranchdragonfruit.com.
  • Planting Dragon Fruit

    Planting Dragon Fruit
  • Welcome to Wallace Ranch Dragon Fruit

    We are online! Looking to purchase authentic named dragon fruit cuttings? Look no further, we have over 15 varieties of Dragon Fruit in our farm.